Friday, February 12, 2010

i've been having frequent dreams and have been posting them on facebook for a while now. Heres the compilation, included are a few zen shooting songs:

2/10/10 dreamt that he and Sherwin were playing Left4Dead's survivial map for 17 hours. I found a glitch and went to sleep, Sherwin played it all 17 hrs. Thats right, i dreamt i went to sleep..

2/9/10 dreamt he was in a chinese wedding banquet party, and the group was going from table to table with drinks in hand wishing everybody happiness, prosperity, all the goodies. The only thing is, my shot glass was continously filled with mixed veggies. Corn, carrots, etc.

2/7/10 Todays High Power Rifle Match zen music was: Kanya West - Flashing Lights

2/6/10 dreamt that he was studying the difference between Chimpanzee and Human DNA. It's neat to know that humans are missing 2 letters of a gene which leads to greater brain development and physical space. Of course it doesn't help that i watched it on Nova last night.

2/5/10 dreamt that he was in one of three very large party buses. Alton was there as well as tons of others. We were either rolling in the east coast, a town with narrow hilly curvy streets, either Brattleboro, VT or Newport, RI. The bus was huge like a hall. We passed by a few pizzerias and bars. The last thing i remembered was figuring out tip for the driver.

2/4/10 dreamt that he was back in SFB's 8th grade at a large hall with oak wood and large windows with beams of light shining through it the only exception was the floors was still that funky red and yellow tile from the hall at the real SFB. The class was sitting around the room in the usual Aqua blue uniforms.

2/3/10 dreamt that my backyard connected to the mall. My own personal entrance!

2/1/10 dreamt he was on vacation and that we had to check out of the hotel soon. It might have been greece, with the white stucco curved walled streets by the water.

1/31/10 dreamt that he helped pull a pick up truck out of a ditch near Yosemite. It was soo senic!

1/29/10 dreamt that he was bionic. Because i was bowling but at the same time someone was replacing my left leg with a newer model.

1/28/10 The zen Small Bore shooting moment was: Lady GaGa - Paparazzi

1/25/10 dremt that he was doing WRC pre-rally course notes with a guy named Otz.

1/23/10 dreamt that he was in the search for Moogles!

1/21/10 dreamt that Roxanne and i wanted this thing blessed by a priest. But to get to him we needed to take a boat into the Bermuda Triangle. Todays dream was more relaxed, i dreamt that i was walking a dog the size of a horse.

1/19/10 dreamt that he was at a grand opening of a store and they had a dungeons and dragons competition. In the break i rode my bicycle around the mall area, there was a line waiting to get into the store and two bicycle stores in the mall were packed as well.

1/16/10 dreamt that he was on a touristy tropical island, standing in line at a brick lined restaurant waiting for clam chowder. In the island the explorers of the 1400's who found the place decided to stay and built a giant concrete tower monument with their wooden boats on top. i was haggling with a guy about valet parking, ...and was telling a kid that i somehow knew about the clam chowder.

1/14/10 Smallbore rifle Zen Music: Meet Me Halfway - Black Eyed Peas stuck

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Small Bore Rifle:

Prone: 100-5x
Kneeling: 94-3x
Standing: 84-0x
Total: 278-8x

Zen Music moment: Timbaland - Apologize

I played with natural point of aim more aggressively than before with limited results. It worked well until 2 6's at offhand and in kneeling it wanted to point inbetween targets. Such is tempering the skills.

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Sunday, February 07, 2010

It's been 20 months since i've shot high power. The rules are different, theres no more out of postion standing to sitting or prone. You stay in position and load when the targets arrive. What kinda crap is that? Even with that i was kinda all over the place. The offhand was pretty stable for once. All that smallbore must have helped!
200 Yard Slow Offhand: 186-1x
200 Yard Rapid Sitting: 93-0x
300 Yard Rapid Prone: 94-0x
600 Yard Slow Prone: 100-5x
Total: 473-6x

Not a bad score for 20 months away. It felt like nothings changed, well except for the new rules. 


Thursday, February 04, 2010

Moto News:
-37780 miles, rear pads replaced, front and rear fluids replaced with fresh ATE superblue. The old stuff was watery!

Prone: 98-4x
Kneeling: 98-5x (It was a wierd but stable position, with long eye relief)
Standing: 88-0x
Total: 284-9x

Music in the Head:
Pussycat Dolls - Buttons followed by The Killers - Somebody Told me during kneeling

I've been dreaming left n right lately. i need to consolidate and put them all up.

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Monday, February 01, 2010

Small Bore Rifle:
Prone: 100-5x
Kneeling: 94-3x 
Standing: 84-0x
Total: 278-8x 

Zen Music: Timbaland - Apologize

I played alot more with Natural Point of Aim, and it worked out mostly, except for two 6's on offhand and in kneeling it kept wanting to go inbetween targets.. Wierd.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Little Housekeeping:
-At 37661 miles, the moto went in for a new set of tires. This time they were Michelin Pilot Power 2CT. They feel pretty good, and on the curves it feels like it wants to drop to the side even more! The 2nd set of diablos lasted less then 10k!?! The first held for 12k!
Now if i have the time to do a brake fluid flush and rear brake pad replacement. Soon..
-The shifter cable broke at the shifter on the FSR. A week or so ago i was experiencing wierd shifter play. I'd shift but nothing would happen and then all of a sudden a gear change. Today while riding up i shifted and heard a snap. i thought it was the shifter being old, but it was the cable instead. 3$ replacement, 5minutes, lets see how it holds.

Prone: 100-7x
Kneeling: 92-0x
Standing: 83-0x
Total: 275-7x

Music in the head: Lady Gaga - Paparazzi

I think i went too fast shooting. I did reset a few times and saved a few points that way. But i also had 2 duds that eventually went off. Silly Eley ammo!

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oi, it's 37.5k miles on the moto, and i'm starting to see threads on the rear tire.. ai! time for another set, what to do, what to get.. It's been 10k since the last pair

it begins today, and we had to shoot a double match. Next week the facilities will not be open.
Prone: 98-5x
Kneeling: 97-3x
Standing: 85-3x
Total: 280-11x

Prone: 98-3x
Kneeling: 97-3x
Standing: 84-2x
Total: 279-8x

Song in the head: Meet Me Halfway - Black Eye Peas

I'm using eley sport. a mexican made Eley, with the same weed powder, but at a way lower price. It's comparable with other rounds, shoots well for me. I did have one round that sounded out of whack, but then i scored pretty well. The funny part is another guy bought the same stuff but wasn't impressed with it. He went with Federal Automatch, which is what i used last year. Good stuff, either way. Automatch is 1200fps, the Eley 1085fps.
Zen shooting was enabled again, how funny it's been a year and it comes back just like that.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Mini-Toast and I were at Roz's supermega hugehouse for a party. Mini-Toast was in n out of the extremely large backyard and had small fine black rocks stuck to his skin. We decide to go to the bathroom to get cleaned up. The bathroom was the size of my first floor of my house and the sink was so large and deep it was it's own kiddie pool. With that i taught him how to hold his breath and dipped him underwater. I lifted him back up and could see the water cascading off his head. He liked the dip. i loved the house..


Monday, December 21, 2009


I was reading a fortune cookie note stated: Kikkoman Snacks have 71% of the in-movie theater market and 21% of non-movie theater markets.


Sunday, December 20, 2009


I was in a classroom that has a random subject of the day. One day it could be boring n long, the other day fun and exciting. Today's class was fun and exciting, the whole room was applauding.


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